A Pilot Study of the Hospital Setting Perception Test

A Pilot Study of the Hospital Setting Perception Test:
The Use of Pictures With Cancer Patients
Donata Milloni, Giovanni Senzi, Laura Bellotti, Franco Pasti, Roberta Perfetto, Elaine Poggi, Massimo Rosselli
Hospitalized patients pass from their familiar contexts to anonymous, uniform colours and sterile surroundings. The aim of our research is to prove how ambience and atmosphere in hospital can affect wellbeing. We carried out a pilot study on 2 groups of 60 subjects (cancer and internal medicine patients) testing and verifying the reliability of the Hospital Setting Perception Test (HSPT), defining its minimal statistical requirements for inclusion in the following stages of research. Three major psychological constructs referring to perception, ideation and affectivity during hospitalization are developed in the HSPT. Results show that all patients preferred rooms with pictures to rooms without and highlighted that particularly cancer patients prefer nature photography to abstract art which tends to be perceived as disturbing and they show a significant more frequent positive emotional involvement when exposed to the pictures. The psychometric analysis of the instrument has respected the guidelines for its construction and administration and needs to be submitted to larger samples in the next experimental stage of research with retest procedure. In conclusion the revised form of the instrument is suitable for hospital contexts and can be extended to any type of hospitalised patient.


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